ADAPTOR’ @ Porny Days Film Festival 2019, Zurich, Switzerland



‘Frida Nip’ - Indie Memphis Film Festival, Memphis, TN

‘The 100 Blows’ - Gxrl on Grill ‘Amuse Bouche’, Brooklyn

‘Gucci Gucci Goo’ - Fatal Femme Film Festival, Brooklyn

‘Chanel Rot Couture’ - Whore Haus by Stigma Unbound, Pfizer Building, Brooklyn

‘The 100 Blows’ - CineKink Film Festival 2019, NYC

YEAH, I’M WITH IT, a Limited Edition Rude Ink. VHS Release

‘Lock Her Room’ - Newark Short Film Awards, Newark, NJ

‘Gucci Gucci Goo’ - Quiet City Film Festival, Brooklyn


'Church of America' Installation - Wild Embeddings Gallery, Brooklyn

‘Gucci Gucci Goo’ - Video Art & Experimental Film Festival 2018, NYC

‘The 100 Blows’ - Oslo Fusion International Film Festival, Norway

'Wedding Season 13' - NY New Filmmakers Short Film Program, NYC

'Olive Peppertits LIVE' - Keep It Simple, Sophia - Brooklyn 

'The 100 Blows' - Festival du Film de Fesses - Paris

'Rude Ink. Spring / Summer 2018' - Installation, Brooklyn

'The 100 Blows' - Nachtschatten BDSM/ Fetish Film Festival, Munich

'Lock Her Room' - The Binds We Maneuver - NYC

'The 100 Blows' - Porn Yourself by La Mutinerie - Paris

‘Lock Her Room’ - First Person Plural Salon – The Province of Women Room’

‘Birthday Suit’ - Just An Ocean In Between by Wild Embeddings, Brooklyn

‘The 100 Blows’ – East Side Open Studios, Singapore

‘The 100 Blows’ – Courts Mais Trash, Brussels


‘Wedding Season 13’ – Casting Party by Rude Ink, Gold Sounds Bar, Brooklyn

‘Fetus Piece’ – Live Performance for The Creative Center Fundraiser, Gold Sounds Bar, Brooklyn

‘Behind The Brian Curtain’ & ‘Birthday Suit’– Betty Zinefest, Newark, NJ

‘Behind The Brian Curtain’ & ‘Birthday Suit’ – Trans Degenerate: Art Attacks Back, Milkweed Gallery, Sugarloaf, NY

‘I Know Places’ – Videodrunk Film Festival, Toronto, CA

‘I Know Places’ – Rude Ink. Premiere, Bar 718, Brooklyn

‘I Know Places’ – Out Like Lambs Record Release, Asbury Park, NJ

‘I Can’t Stop Eating’ – How To Party (installation) by Rude Ink, Brooklyn

‘Threesome’ – Filmideo, Index Arts Center, Newark, NJ

‘Birthday Suit’ – Festival International d’Art Performance Martinique, Cuba

‘Birthday Suit’ – Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival, Oregon

‘The 100 Blows’ – Porn Film Festival Berlin, Germany

‘The 100 Blows’ – La Fete du Slip, Switzerland

‘The 100 Blows’ – Porny Kabareet, Haifa, Israel


‘Threesome’ – Cum Party by Rude Ink. (installation & premiere), Big Irv’s, Brooklyn. Featuring: GypjaQ, The Flying Luango Brothers & Ian Deleon

‘Birthday Suit’ – NYC Independent Film Festival, NYC

‘Birthday Suit’ – DAM Short Film Festival, Nevada

‘Snatch Lift’ – Videodrunk Film Festival, Toronto

‘Snatch Lift’ – The Hidden Valley by PULSAR Performance, Brooklyn

‘Snatch Lift’ – Get That Snatch by Rude Ink., Babycastles Gallery, NYC

‘Snatch Lift’ – Masterbate Festival, Canada

‘The 100 Blows’ – Porny Days Film Festival, Zurich, Switzerland (special mention)

‘Galloping Crud’ – PATA Festival, NYC

‘Galloping Crud’ – LA Underground Film Forum, California

‘Wheel of Emoji’ – Bideodromo International Experimental Film & Video Festival, Bilbao

‘Diagnostics’ – Videodrunk Extended Play, Toronto


‘Behind The Brian Curtain’ – Lisbon International Film Festival 2017 (official selection)

‘Threesome’ – Chicago Amarcord Arthouse TV Awards 2017 (finalist)

‘Threesome’ – Experimental Forum by Yum Cha Club (honorable mention)

‘Birthday Suit’ - Experimental Forum by Yum Cha Club (honorable mention)

‘Birthday Suit’ – BLOW-UP Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival (official selection)

‘Birthday Suit’ - Chicago Amarcord Arthouse TV Awards 2016 (official selection)